Melisca Klisanin is a "creative" who works across industries for Fortune 500 companies, as well as “Mom & Pop” businesses. Her clients in entertainment, fashion, play, beauty, automotive, fragrance, and treats, include: Walt Disney Company, FootLocker, The Limited Brands, Bath & Body Works, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren Fragrance, Toyoto, It's Sugar, and Maribel Chocolates. The New York Times selected Melisca as "one of six designers likely to become a household name," and she has received industry awards for her work in store design, furniture design, and carpet design. Melisca's design work has been featured in major International magazines and her client list includes top tech giants, academy award winners, and music legends. Having seen the power of branding and its influence on consumers firsthand, Melisca is interested in using her skills and expertise to support the emergence of worldviews that support and protect the natural world. She believes we can use technology to bring global citizens closer through online community building, but is also firmly committed to building real world community interaction. These convictions are exemplified by “Sacred Time,” a non-denominational, multicultural, open-air classroom and eclectic spiritual space for urban environments she is currently designing. She hopes to see the project replicated in major cities worldwide. In her free time, Melisca enjoys painting, dancing, and traveling.