Don a digital cape and use the superpowers of the Internet to tackle global challenges anywhere your gigabytes go.  


Call to Adventure

Set out on this heroic adventure and you'll never look back!


Cyberhero League is an award-winning interactive gaming adventure that turns players into real world heroes. Players set out on an array of interactive quests at parks, museums, movies, concerts, and other gathering spaces. Using mobile technology as a digital cape, they complete an array of quests, collect digital artifacts, and outwit defilers. Players are challenged to a race against time to change the course of history—literally. 

2015 Official Selection
Games, Learning, & Society Showcase
— GLS Showcase, U of Wisconsin
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For every global challenge, there's   nonprofit organization tackling it.


Inside every gamer, there's a hero.


Cyberhero League is where they train.

Cyberheroes are real people who use digital technologies to help other people, animals, and the environment.
— Dana Klisanin, Psychology Today
Cyberhero League’s instilling a sense of empowerment, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility in the tech-savvy next-generation.
— Steve & Mike Meloan, Huffington Post

There's a Cyberhero in You